Risotto with mushrooms and leeks

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Every recipe has a story behind it. The story behind my first risotto starts with the leek ravioli and the Christmas cookies. Therefore it’s more correct to say: every recipe has at least one more recipe behind it, even if it’s a completely different one…
In summary the reason for this risotto was my invite to two very close friends for a Pre-Christmas dinner. I still had some of the leek ravioli in my freezer, so I wanted my friends to try them. Unfortunately the idea of pasta stuffed with leeks didn’t sound very yummy to one of the girls, so she asked me for a plan B. My plan B was again related to some kind of fresh pasta (I wanted to demonstrate how much I have improved in the preparation of homemade pasta fresca). On the other hand at the same time I was very busy baking and decorating Christmas cookies (which I will talk about in another post) and I didn’t really have the time for the whole pasta preparation process. Eventually I thought that risotto is the fastest and the most comfortable homemade dinner that I could prepare. I also had some dried porcini at home, so the decision was made.
I couldn’t resist putting some leeks even in that dish. Seems like this year I became addicted to this vegetable, after I tried a friend’s banitsa on her birthday in November. I didn’t have parsley, so I didn’t put, but in general a little of this spice is a must for a mushroom risotto.
It is а very simple and а relatively quick recipe, so if you don’t know what to cook for lunch/ dinner, this is the right choice. The taste of porcini is very soft and nice, but if you don’t have them, any kind of mushrooms would be fine.
The risotto disappeared very soon and I only managed to take few bad pictures. In order to compensate for the insufficient and bad quality food photography, today I am publishing also some different pictures. They don’t seem to be much related to the topic, but at least they are taken in the country where risotto was invented.

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Ingredients (3-4 servings):
½ leek, thinly sliced
200g champignon, chopped
20g dried porcini, broken in small pieces
250g Arborio rice
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 cube beef stock
1 cube vegetable stock
Black pepper
Fresh parsley

Soak the dried porcini in 100ml of hot water and leave covered for at least an hour.
Dissolve the 2 stock cubes in 600 ml of boiling water. In a large sauce pan sauté the leeks and the garlic with the olive oil until they soften. Add the champignon and cook for 2-3 more minutes. Add the porcini together with the water, stir and immediately add the rice. Add a ladle of hot stock to the rice and stir until the liquid is fully absorbed. When the rice appears almost dry, add another ladle of stock and keep stirring. Continue adding ladles of hot stock and stirring the rice while the liquid is absorbed. The rice should be cooked for around 20 minutes in total. When it is not crispy any more, remove from the heat and sprinkle some fresh parsley and black pepper and mix. Enjoy immediately.

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