Homemade Fish Soup

by Daniela

2014-02-11 10.05.44

Fish soup is one of the things that I’ve always loved but I’ve never considered cooking myself. The whole idea of preparing fish seemed scary to me. Until eventually one Saturday afternoon, led by my hunger, I took the tough decision: I am cooking a fish soup!
Not surprisingly I decided to make it my way without following strictly any recipe. Of course, there are certain rules that have to be considered always, for that reason I read several recipes in advance, just to clarify for myself what I wanted to accomplish. It had to be something very simple and naturally tasty.
In fact the preparation was so easy that at the end I was already regretting not having cooked it earlier. The secret of the delicious soup is to use lots of nice fish, little vegetables and few spices. I used trout and salmon trout, but it can be prepared with almost any kind of fish. The best way would be a mix of 2-3 different kinds.

2014-02-04 11.49.14

I made a drawing out of this recipe (yes, surprisingly even for me I can also draw!) which was eventually published. I am so happy about it that now I like my soup even more  🙂


2014-02-11 09.46.55


2014-02-04 11.52.38

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