A small blue cake for a lovely gentleman

by Daniela

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July 2014 was my month for baby cakes. After the flowers-and-butterflies cake that I made for the nice newborn party, I had one more occasion to be creative. I was invited to meet for first time a lovely 4 months old boy, the son of another close friend of mine. Of course I had to make a special baby cake for him!
It was a bit of a challenge for me to create a boy-style decoration because I have always been a very girly girl. But this project helped me to learn new things. It was a complete improvisation from my side (also my first tiered cake) and I hope the result was good. My pictures unfortunately did not become very successful due to the poor lighting (as usual), but I also received two very nice photos from the baby’s mother.
Here is the recipe, in case someone ever wants to make something similar:

First tier
150 ml milk
50 g butter
100 g black chocolate
30 g milk chocolate
100 g white biscuits
100 g brown biscuits (cocoa, chocolate or cinnamon)
30 g raisins
30 g sliced almonds
20 ml rum
Soak the raisins in the rum for at least ½ hour.
Break the biscuits in small pieces and mix them with the almonds in a big bowl.
Break the chocolate into pieces and put it in a bowl over a pan with shimmering water. Add the milk and the butter. Mix everything until the chocolate and the butter are completely melted and the mixture is homogeneous. Remove from heat and combine with the raisins soaked in the rum. Pour the mixture into the bowl with biscuits and almonds. Mix everything well and transfer to a spring form pan or a cake ring over a plate. Press the top well to make it even, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to chill for 2-3 hours.

Second tier
4 eggs
100 g white sugar
20 ml sunflower oil
1 cup flour
70 ml milk
5g baking powder
100 g candied orange peels (cut in very small pieces)
20 ml limonchello
200 g cream cheese
120 g white chocolate
Beat the eggs together with the sugar until creamy. Add milk, oil and limonchello and continue whisking. Combine baking powder with flour and little by little add them to the egg mixture. Keep whisking all the time. At the end add the candied orange peels and stir until well incorporated in the batter.
Transfer the batter to a big rectangular pan (30 x 40 or similar) lined with baking paper. The baked base will be used to cut 4 round cake layers, so if the batter doesn’t touch evenly some of the edges, this is ok.
Bake around 20 minutes on 200°C. When ready, remove the baking paper and let cool for ½ hour.
Use a coffee plate to cut 4 equal round layers.
In a heatproof bowl melt the white chocolate over a pan with shimmering water. Combine melted chocolate with the cream cheese and mix until homogeneous.
Place the first round layer on a plate and spread on top 1/3 of the cream. Cover with the second layer and repeat the procedure. After covering the last 1/3 of the cream with the 4th layer, wrap the cake around tightly with a plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge for 1-2 hours (I used plastic wrap because I don’t have a metal ring with such a small diameter).
The last thing left is to arrange the cake. When it is covered with fondant, underneath there have to be always a thick layer of butter cream (more details can be found in posts about my previous fondant cakes). I added to the cream crumbs of the leftovers from the baked cake base.
Cover the first tier with butter cream (turn it upside down to ensure that the top will be even). Leave it in the fridge to cool for few hours and then cover it with the fondant. Repeat the same procedure with the second tier and place it over the first one, right in the middle.
I didn’t use any dowels or support on the first tier because the biscuit mix is very stable. But in many other cases such are necessary to avoid the second tier to damage the first one with its weight.

P.S. The last picture (the one with black background) was taken by the mom of the lovely gentleman.

2014-07-17 10.18.38

2014-07-17 10.22.32


2014-07-17 10.23.12


2014-07-17 10.22.13


2014-07-19 17.13.45

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