Autumn cookies

by Daniela

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I have been planning such project for years already, but until now I’ve never found time and enough inspiration to do it. This year I have time. And I managed to “inspire” myself.
Someone once have said that the good artists copy and the great artists steal (they attribute this quote to Picasso, but it’s not confirmed). I am not sure if I agree with this statement but if true it would pretty much explain why I am never going to become a great artist: I am simply not good at stealing anything, even a pear from the neighbor’s garden (my unsuccessful childhood experiment). But I am making efforts to become one day at least some kind of artist, maybe even a “good” one, by trying to learn how to copy, or in better words how to “get inspired”.

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So the “inspiration” for my leaf cookies came from here. The rest was all about trying new decoration techniques. Some of the cookies were inspired from other sources, which I will not mention now because I probably don’t remember them. The picture with the flowers and the ladybug (if it looks like such) I saw on a box of paper tissues. It looked like a very nice idea, but I obviously overestimated my piping techniques. Someday when I learn to pipe better maybe I can make a better cookie-replica of the same picture.

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I gave some of the prepared cookies to my mum and after she ate half of them she asked me:
“But are they edible?”
“Of course – I replied – They are not meant for an exhibition, they have to be eaten. I used only edible colors, not markers from the paper shop.”
“I know – she said – I was just wondering if it’s worth eating them, they look nice. But they are also tasty, so I am going to eat the rest by myself.”
I guess this was a compliment, but I didn’t take it as such.
Meanwhile my better half didn’t even look at them and when I eventually proposed him to try one or two (after I realized he wouldn’t react to the numerous plates full of cookies spread around the kitchen), he politely refused. Good that I know him well enough and that we already have had many similar situations in the past, otherwise I would have been strongly offended.
The recipe is the same as the previous time. This time I added a better almond extract, so they really taste like almond.
Part of the royal icing became a bit spongy – no idea why. Still it dried well, which makes it not too big disaster.
I coloured part of the cookies with golden dust dissolved in alcohol: the result is quite satisfying, so I am planning to repeat this technique. Another innovation for me was to use edible food markers. I found them a pretty nice experience (they are so similar to the normal ones :))
I hope no one will judge me too hard, as I still consider myself as a newbie in the cookie area.

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