Panettone ice cream cake

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This is not the prettiest and the most photogenic cake I have made so far, but it is incredibly easy and tasty. It also allows variations of the ingredients, so it can be made in a different way every time.
In general I am not the biggest fan of Jamie Oliver. But I have to admit that he has some very good recipes, (like this one) which are worth trying. I made my own version of the pannetone cake, a bit simpler than the original, and it became quite good. As I already said, the downside of this dessert is that it is not very good looking, which is totally compensated by the taste. One more reason for the imperfect appearance of my cake is that I didn’t really have an appropriate bowl and the one I used didn’t give it the best shape.

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500g panettone
3 tbs blueberry jam
500g ice cream by choice (I used stracciatella, amarena and pistachio)
2 tbs morello cherry jam
100g dried apricots cut in small pieces
Optionally: 100g milk chocolate

Take the ice cream out of the freezer for around ½ hour before using it: it has to soften a bit in order to be spread easier.
Line a bowl with cling film (best is to use a middle size salad bowl, around 1-2l).
Slice the panettone and arrange 2/3 of the slices around the bottom of the bowl (the slices should be more or less the same size but you can cut also some small pieces to fill the holes). Smear 2 tbs of the blueberry jam over the panettone. Add half of the ice cream on top and spread it around evenly (it shouldn’t be too melted because it will not be good after it freezes again). Add the cherry jam and the dried apricots and spread the remaining ice cream on top. Smear 1 tbs of blueberry jam on one side of the remaining panettone slices and cover the ice cream with them (blueberry jam downwards). Cover the bowl tightly with cling film and insert it in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours.
Take the ice cream cake out of the freezer ½ hour before serving and turn it upside down on a plate.
Before serving melt 100g chocolate over a pan of simmering water and pour it on top of the cake. This step can be skipped if the cake is for home consumption: it will not affect the taste. However it looks much yummier covered with chocolate so if you plan to impress your guests don’t forget it.

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