Cookies for celebrations (and not only)

by Daniela

The first birthday of a child is one of the most important moments in his/her mother’s life. This is the conclusion that we made with my friend Iva whose daughter turned One this May. For some mothers this day might be even happier than the day when the kid was born! I don’t want to say that mothers are normally not happy when their babies are born but at this moment you don’t really realize yet what is happening. In my view after giving birth the mother don’t have much time and powers to enjoy the moment (especially if she is like me, suffering from constant and severe paranoia from day one :)).
The first year I would picture it as one of the biggest milestones in motherhood. The first year could be also one of the most challenging ones (before the teenage years) with all the changes and new things that are happening all the time. And of course the celebration of the first birthday is mainly done for the mother (the kid is still too young to be enthusiastic about having a birthday), which is quite ok because she deserves to celebrate.
I don’t want to disregard the fathers, but I believe they are perfectly fine to celebrate the first year of their child just with a pool of beer. The mothers are the ones concerned with the cake appearance and with the party theme (it makes a huge difference if it would be Winnie the Pooh or Angry Birds!).

Photo 12-05-2015 14 54 04

Considering all this I am pretty much looking forward my son to turn one year (well, maybe let me first enjoy the summer before December comes :)). In the meantime I am happily celebrating my friends’ kids’ birthdays.

Photo 12-05-2015 14 55 37

I still don’t have much time for proper baking, but I managed to make some cookies for the daughter of my friend Iva. I baked quite a few so I decorated part of the batch for the 5th month’s small anniversary of my son. The decoration is royal icing and some cookies are hand painted. At the end there were few cookies left without icing: I decorated them with marzipan in a very girlie style and gave to another friend.
The truth is that it was so difficult for me to make boyish style cookies! I am a girlie girl and I love flowers so until now I didn’t have a clue how to draw a car. I didn’t really have many ideas for a baby boy style decoration so I was kind of “inspired” by the designs of my son’s pacifiers (thank you, Chicco designers!). I also made some cookies with Batman designs: I know they are very, very imperfect (not to use the word ugly), but I am still publishing the pictures to use them as a reference for future improvement. Hopefully one day I will be able to draw and pipe proper Batman designs on cookies and cakes even with closed eyes…

Photo 17-05-2015 07 55 02
The recipe for the cookies is again from here.
I think it’s enough writing in today’s post, the pictures should say the rest.
Hopefully I will be able to show something new and better in a short time.

Photo 12-05-2015 14 50 53

Photo 12-05-2015 14 51 18

Photo 12-05-2015 14 53 28

Photo 12-05-2015 14 54 52

Photo 17-05-2015 07 51 04

Photo 17-05-2015 07 52 40

Photo 20-05-2015 11 05 56

Photo 20-05-2015 11 06 30

Photo 20-05-2015 11 07 00

Photo 24-05-2015 17 23 38

Photo 12-05-2015 14 50 21

Photo 17-05-2015 07 52 49

Photo 17-05-2015 07 57 12

Photo 17-05-2015 07 55 17

Photo 17-05-2015 07 51 15

Photo 19-05-2015 09 54 23

Photo 19-05-2015 09 55 39

Photo 21-05-2015 09 17 17

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