Sleeping baby cake

Sleeping baby cake -

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I made this cake more than a month ago but until now I never had the chance to write a post about it (meaning: I was too lazy to edit pictures which did not come up as nice as I wanted them). Eventually I selected few photos which looked not too bad and I am finally daring to show them here.
The cake was for a friend’s new baby. It was such a pleasure for me to make this little figure sleeping on flower petals. It was not very easy (normally people use moulds for this but I didn’t have one) and I was happy with the result.
There is no recipe today because inside the cake was exactly the same as that one but with doubled ingredients. In fact I baked them both at the same time.
Now I can see many imperfections in the overall decoration but regardless I love that cake!

Sleeping baby cake -

Sleeping baby cake -

Sleeping baby cake -

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