Last three months

by Daniela

I am writing this post because I realised that somehow for quite a long time I haven’t shared in the blog anything about my personal life. In the past I used to write things about me within the recipe posts but later I stopped as it wasn’t the best approach. I realised that when someone is looking for a recipe of cake or cookies they don’t care what happened to the author, they care about the food. However I also believe that the regular readers might be interested in receiving updates about my life from time to time.

So last three months were a very unusual period of my life. I took a three months leave from my job: something that I could not even imagine happening until recently. I am proud with myself just for finding the strength to make this step. This has been the scariest but also the most exciting time I have had in several years. 

Healthy Recipes cookbook by Dani's Cookings

I didn’t take this time off to relax. In fact I am sorry I didn’t manage to take a real break. I was very busy with freelance projects and, as many of you might be aware, I also published the cookbook “Healthy Desserts”. I managed to do a ton of things for my blog and hopefully for my future, things that probably I wouldn’t have been able to do even in a year if I was busy with my job at the same time.

The book “Healthy Deserts”

I want to say a bit more about the book as I keep receiving lots of questions like who was my publisher, how did the book come out and other details about it. 

This book was a result of more than a year hard work. In fact when I started it, I thought that it would be an easy task as I am pretty much used to writing recipes and taking photos on a weekly basis. Also I didn’t need to translate the book while writing it, because it was meant to be in Bulgarian.

The reality, however is that writing a book is much harder than writing blog posts. It requires more attention and much more elaboration. And it is even more work if you are involved from the start till the end. Because myself and Maria from So Into Food magazine were the two people who created this book completely from scratch, with a little editing help by a good friend of mine. 

Apart from being the author and the photographer of the book, I am also its publisher. Maria is the person behind the design and the layout.

an author signing a cookbook

What comes next

The initial idea for this book was to start a series. We have changed our concept several times during its elaboration, however I still believe that it can make the beginning of something bigger. There are many more people with culinary skills which could be successful book authors. I would love to help them reach their readers. I am not sure how easy it will be but that’s one of my goals for the future.

News about the blog

As of the beginning of 2020 Dani’s Cookings has a new design! I will be happy if you share with me your thoughts about it. Any kind of feedback is welcome!

I am going back to work this month but I will keep posting new recipes in the blog as regularly as possible. I will keep focusing on the healthy baking recipes but will not stop creating also classic desserts. My opinion is that they can be included in a healthy diet of people without chronic illnesses, as long as not consumed in excess. And of course, if you wish to see a specific recipe in this blog, please share your request so I can prepare it!

Thank you for being my readers! I wish everyone a great New Year and more occasions for baking!

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