Work with me | Dani's Cookings

If you like the content of Dani’s Cookings and you wish to collaborate, please send an email to: daniela (at)

I would be happy to discuss possibilities for partnership such as, but not limited to:

Food Photography: I would love to help you by creating photography for your purposes.

Recipe Development: I can create unique recipes for your company using your preferred products.

Website contribution: I can contribute to your blog or website through freelance writing or photography

If you have other ideas for collaboration I am happy to discuss them!


Press/ Featured work




“Моето бебе и аз” Magazine – August 2015

“So Into Food” Magazine – Autumn 2016


“Рецепти за здраве” Magazine – August 2017 – Interview and Featured recipes


“Рецепти за здраве” Magazine – December 2017